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We at TWS feel that offshore web site maintenance services are crucilal to an online business and to remain effective, a website needs to be constantly updated and mintained for a number of reasons:

•  Technology changes fast and a site can begin to look and act old very quickly

•  Changes in your business, for example new products or prices

•  Components of a web site such as hyperlinks and graphics can malfunction.

•  The rules by which search engines list sites change constantly.

•  Changes in the trend for professional services offered.

TWS offers a number of website maintenance packages to offshore companies & Firms that outsource thus giving them peace of mind.

This includes help desk assistance and updating when necessary in order to keep your website up-to-date and dynamic.

Website Maintenance

  • bulletblue  Frees you up to run your business instead of spending numerous hours learning how to maintain your site

    bulletblue  We know that your site and the information on it are important to you. We do our best to get it right the first time! Corrections are honestly acknowledged and fixed at our expense.

    bulletblue  Quick turnaround -updates are usually done within 2 to 24 hours (except holidays and weekends)

Website Maintenance Services

  • bulletblue  content update, announcements, articles, etc.

    bulletblue  replace images i.e. Pictures and graphics

    bulletblue  adding/removing pages

    bulletblue  image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)

    bulletblue  newsletter and email list maintenance

    bulletblue  shopping cart product updates

    bulletblue  website modification and addition of website content

    bulletblue  pdf creation and uploading