Data Cleansing

  • datacleansing services
  • datacleansing services
  • datacleansing services

We provide the following services under data cleansing services

  • bulletblue  Data Validation

    bulletblue  Data Verification

    bulletblue  Data Formatting

    bulletblue  Data De-Duplication (removal of duplicate records)

    bulletblue  Data Updation

In every business, quality is very crucial. Companies need more data for analysis and for decision making. Without quality data, this process will not take place. Data Cleansing is the process which helps to ensure that the data is correct. During this process, the data is checked for accuracy and consistency, and the process involves the following.

  • bulletblue  Checking for inaccurate records or data

    bulletblue  Checking for typos or spelling errors

    bulletblue  Checking for obsolete records or data

    bulletblue  Checking for incomplete records or data

At TWS, we use different tools to check the accuracy and consistency of the data in Data Cleansing process, where the above procedures are automated with a set of rules. Depending on the data, an automation process can be applied to check mailing lists, contact emails, address verification and validation of zip codes. Automation tools help in improving the quality of data and manage huge volume of data efficiently.

We minimize errors in our data cleansing process, and ensure that the data is accurate and consistent; we make sure the data is presentable and helps in making better decisions in businesses.

How your Data Cleansing and Data Cleaning requirements get fulfilled

  • bulletblue  Send us your Data Cleansing / Data Cleaning requirements

    bulletblue  We shall analyze the requirements and then define a process relevant for the type of Data Cleansing required

    bulletblue  Input source could be MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase or any other database. Also, data could be in MS Excel, CSV or ASCII file format

    bulletblue  Our Process will involve Project Planning, Execution and Delivery. All these along with Price would be agreed upon.

    bulletblue  Data Cleansing will involve formatting, removing duplicates, removal of junk data etc.

    bulletblue  In case of Database Validation and Verification, our process involves confirmation of the available data or updating by web research, calling etc

    bulletblue  Validation, QC and Auditing

    bulletblue  Final Dispatch of output data or update on Web Based or Remote Systems